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"Use UK Data Service data in your teaching"

Open data

Our growing collection of open data can be shared without restriction, this includes a range of teaching datasets, including UK Census datasets, and data from the World Bank, the IMF and OECD.

Using safeguarded data in a taught course

To use safeguarded data (which are available under an End User Licence) as part of a taught course, you will need to:

  • Register with the UK Data Service
  • Create a 'Teaching' type project (you must register all new uses of data, including re-use of data already supplied to you, but for a different purpose)
  • Enter the number of students when creating your 'teaching' project, or after your class
  • Order the required data and add it to the usage

Students who are registered with the UK Data Service can be added to your project by using the 'Members' tab within the teaching project.

If your students are not registered, you should use the Access Agreement for Teaching and return the completed agreement to the address on the form. The agreement requires details of all students using the data and students should sign the form before accessing data.

Alternatively, we now support teachers to administer the Access Agreement through Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) such as Blackboard or Moodle.

We have produced a Data Access test that can be imported to a course Blackboard site. The test includes the conditions of access as a question where students either 'agree' or 'disagree'. Students who agree can then access the data.

You can also create your own Data Access test in VLEs. The requirements and wording to set-up the Access Agreement for Teaching using VLEs can be found in a PDF guide.

Access to data placed on any shared areas, including websites or virtual learning environments, to be used for teaching purposes must be restricted to registered users or to users who have signed the Access Agreement for Teaching. These data must be removed from any shared areas when the data are no longer required.

Students using data independently

Students will have to register with the UK Data Service individually if they are expected to use data independently for a module, for example if they are working on a dissertation.

Students using data for their own research, e.g. for a PhD or a MPhil, are classified as researchers and should register their use of the data individually by creating a 'non-commercial' project and providing details of their dissertation/research.

Using macro databanks for teaching

For international macro databanks which are not listed in the open data section above, such as the IEA and UNIDO datasets there is no requirement to register a teaching usage if you are using the international macro databanks for teaching purposes. However each student must register and agree online to any terms and conditions.

Using data in a new or interesting way?

If you are using data in an interesting way within the classroom we would like to hear from you. Other teachers may find your approach inspires them to think about new ways in which they could use data themselves. If you are willing to share your experiences, or be interviewed for a case study, please get in touch.

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