Key data owners and collections

With a global reputation for outstanding data management expertise and services, we collaborate across the world to provide data on the social sciences, health, energy, and the economy, allowing research which crosses disciplines and borders.

As the trusted digital repository for most of the UK’s major national survey series produced by, for example, the Office of National Statistics, the Home Office and the Department of Health, our extensive data collection is unique. We know that decisions taken in one government department often have implications for another. ‘Joined-up’ policies can tackle both poverty and health, for example. If researchers work together across disciplines, we can provide evidence to address the challenges of the 21st century.

We provide access to longitudinal surveys, census data, administrative data, international macrodata and qualitative data. We provide long-term research access to resources as large as Understanding Society, the UK Household Longitudinal Study, through to qualitative and mixed methods studies such as sociologist Peter Townsend’s study, Poverty in the United Kingdom: A Survey of Household Resources and Standards of Living, 1967-1969.

The UK Data Service works closely with owners and producers of some of the most important social and economic data sources in the UK to make sure they are made available to users in a timely manner.

Other key contributors to our data community